F & W Grand Building

National Chain of Dry Goods Stores

White terra cotta lions are perched along the top edge of this building.

Walter Arnold, architect for the Butte Civic Center, designed this commanding two-story commercial building, which covers a full city block. It replaced four existing businesses and was built to house a branch of the F & W Grand Silver Store, a dry goods emporium. This was the national chain’s ninety-sixth store, built at a cost of $200,194 in 1930. One of the few major downtown buildings constructed during the Depression, the project helped local businesses because all related building contracts were awarded locally. Black and gold Montana marble quarried at Radersburg and white-glazed terra cotta complement the dark brown brickwork and concrete, while terra cotta lions keep vigil atop the parapet wall.


F & W Grand Building
F & W Grand Building F & W Building, facing southwest, front view. Source: MontanaPictures.net Creator: MontanaPictures.net Date: June 2008


14 West Park Street, Butte, Montana | Private


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