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Belmont Mine

1900-1956, 4300 Feet Deep

The hoist house now serves as a senior center.

The Belmont was one of the hotter works, shunned by miners from northern climates but attractive to muckers from Mexico and other warm Latin American countries. They often sought work here, just as the Irish flocked to the Mountain Con.

The Belmont was a notable F. Augustus Heinze mine. The Anaconda Copper Mining Company acquired the Belmont to settle litigation with Heinze in 1906. The mine had produced little up to this time, and the ACM intended to use it as a hoisting shaft for ore extracted from its other mines, including the Anaconda and the Neversweat. Later nearly 7 million tons of copper ore were hauled up through its headframe, which originally stood at the Cora Mine.

Mining reclamation has leveled the landscape surrounding the mine yard, as well as most of the mine yard itself. Lime was liberally applied to neutralize the acidic soils. A layer of fill dirt was laid over top and vegetation planted. The hoist house has been rehabilitated, and now serves as the Belmont Senior Center.


Early View of the Belmont Mine The Belmont Mine in its early days. Note the wooden headframe, which was later replaced with a steel structure. Source: Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives Creator: C. Owen Smithers
Belmont Mine A view of the Belmont mine in 1927, with construction of a structure in progress. Source: World Museum of Mining Date: December 14, 1927
Construction of Hoist House at Belmont Mine Source: Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives Creator: C. Owen Smithers
New Headframe at Belmont Mine Steel headframe, moved from the Cora Mine, being installed over the top of the previous wood headframe. This allowed operations to continue without interruption. Source: Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives Creator: C. Owen Smithers
Early Car at Belmont Mine Source: World Museum of Mining


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