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Police Officer Fred Krambeck

Killed by Airborne Debris

The 48-year-old officer came to help after the first blast and was killed by the second explosion.

Police Office Fred Krambeck was on duty the night of January 15, 1895. Krambeck went to the fire to aid in whatever way he could after the first blast occurred. He was beckoned by a citizen named Wesley Warren that saw a “sneak thief” stealing from the pockets of a dead man and confronted him. Krambeck took possession of the looter, stating “he would take the rascal to jail” when the second explosion happened at the Butte Hardware Company warehouse. Krambeck was struck in the head by a piece of flying iron, instantly killing him. Krembeck was 48 years old and a father of two.

Krembeck’s funeral was held from his private residence at 101 Oklahoma Avenue but later joined the procession with the firemen. Six other officers were his pallbearers. The police force paid the $143 for Krambeck’s funeral. His wife, Elizabeth, would later be paid a full month’s pay from the city for her husband’s death.


Butte Police Force
Butte Police Force The Butte Police force marched in the funeral procession for the victims of the explosion, including Police Officer Fred Krambeck. Source: Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives Creator: Hawes of Anaconda Date: January 15, 1895


101 Oklahoma Street


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