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Koprivica Park

What is now known as Koprivica Park was once called Max Hebgen Park for the vice-president of the now defunct Montana Power Company. Max Hebgen is credited with switching on Butte’s first incandescent light bulb and he “harnessed the streams of Montana giving him national prominence in hydroelectric development” (Anaconda Standard, April 19, 1916). Hebgen died in 1915 and the park was named shortly after his death. The park at that time was home to the Silver Tips baseball team and boasted a grandstand for spectators to watch the ball game.

In 1990, the Butte-Silver Bow Council of Commissioners renamed the park Koprivica Park in honor of Bob Koprivica. He purchased five acres from the Burlington Northern Railway to expand the park and invested $50,000 into it.

The park was recently outfitted with handicap accessible playground equipment courtesy of Butte-Silver Bow.


Football game at Hebgen Park (Koprivica Park)
Football game at Hebgen Park (Koprivica Park) Source: Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives Creator: C. Owen Smithers Date: 1936



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