810 West Galena

A notorious 1919 robbery attempt at this Craftsman home does not overshadow its residents’ many contributions in shaping Butte’s industrial and commercial development. German immigrant and furrier Adolph Rauh and his wife Catherine bought the home when it was new in 1909. The house bears hallmarks of the Craftsman style, including shingle siding and a full front porch. In 1915, their neighbors William and Hazel Lilly purchased it. An engineer for the Anaconda Company, William invented the Lilly hoist control, a safety device used in mines worldwide. Jewish salvage dealer Sam Reiner and his wife Bertha purchased the home in 1919. Shortly after, five men attempted to rob the Reiners’ whiskey stash, only to be foiled by the neighbor’s night watchman Peter Martin. Gunfire broke out, and Martin and one assailant were critically injured, though neither died from their wounds. Beginning in 1925, the extended Raymond family lived in the house. Arthur Raymond and sister-in-law Flaud Lockwood operated the Lockwood Cafe, a popular uptown eatery. Arthur later operated the Silver King luncheonette, and Flaud managed Butte’s Granger Hotel before purchasing the Belknap Hotel in Billings.


810 West Galena Street
810 West Galena Street Source: 1959 Tax Assessment Card, Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives


810 West Galena Street


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