1117 West Broadway

Butte National Historic Landmark District

Norwegian-born carpenter Albert Broadland arrived in Butte in 1912. The prolific builder constructed nearly half the homes in the Rowe Addition on the Flats, the elegant Finlan Hotel, and many Craftsman style bungalows in Uptown. Built circa 1916, this one-story Broadland bungalow features wide overhanging eaves, an exterior brick chimney, substantial porch piers, and a shed-roof dormer. The low-pitched roof covers even the full-length front porch, projecting the feeling of sheltering comfort for which bungalows were known. In 1917, the recently widowed Ellen Downey purchased the residence, where she lived with four grown children: twenty-seven-year-old Tim, an attorney; twenty-five-year-old Madge, a music teacher; and twenty-two-year-old Helena and nineteen-year-old John, both bookkeepers. In 1928, she sold the house to attorney John Emigh and his wife, Vivian, who wanted a comfortable home to raise their two daughters. It was one of the most expensive residences on the block, with an assessed value of $6,500 (approximately $87,600 in 2011 dollars). The Emighs lived here into the 1940s.


1117 West Broadway
1117 West Broadway 1117 West Broadway (PAc 91-51 B3 RollJK04 F05). Front to side view of the house, facing north to northeast on West Broadway Street. B&W. Source: Montana State Historic Preservation Office from the Photograph Archives at the Montana Historical Society Creator: Jeff Kestle Date: 1984


1117 West Broadway Street, Butte, Montana | Private


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